Football Tournament

Wonderful sportsmanship was on display at our Partnership Football Tournament hosted at Scampton School on 11th October. We were pleased to welcome teams from Hackthorn, Marton, Ingham, Pollyplatt and Sturton. Two tournaments, one for Y3/4 and one for Y5/6 saw great competition between teams.

Although a draw with Hackthorn, Scampton Y5/6’s defeat to Pollyplatt meant they didn’t get through to the play offs. The Year 3/4 team however won each of their matches 2-0 against Sturton and 3-0 against Ingham which gave them an overall victory in their tournamement.

Many thanks to Mr J and Mr Bagnall for refereeing and to FOSS for providing welcome refreshments for all schools and their parents.


One thought on “Football Tournament

  1. Well done to everyone that played in the tournament! Despite the funny weather all day it all turned out great in the end. Thank you for your support, the coffee bar raised £92 mainly from the amazing Deville and Timmins cakes!! Thank you.


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